Know Your Responsibilities

Always familiarize yourself with applicable laws before heading out on the water. Failing to follow boating rules and policies puts other users and property at risk.

OSMB's Experience Oregon Boating brochure states:

  • Unsafe operation is when a person operates a boat in a manner that endangers, or would be likely to endanger, another or another’s property. Example of violation: Your boat wake causes a canoe to nearly capsize
  • Cruisers, wakeboard boats and even larger fishing boats can, under certain conditions, create exceptionally large wakes. Each operator is responsible for damage or injury caused by his or her wake.
  • The best way to minimize your wake’s risk to others is to avoid “plowing” through the water, running close to other boaters, swimmers, docks or sensitive shorelines, and to engage in activities (such as wake boarding or wake surfing) in areas away from developed or sensitive shorelines or where small boats congregate.